Infant Program

Our staff has created a safe and loving environment that allows you and your child to feel at home. Infants are fed, comforted, and changed on demand as they experience their first interactions with the outside world.

Younger Toddler and Older Toddler

Riverside offers a dual part Toddler program, which includes socializing, experiencing art, and participating in play activities using fine and large motor skills. Ultimately we are working on social skills and the beginning of independent behaviors while having fun!

In Younger Toddler, (1-2 year olds) infants are making their first move into a new and exciting classroom! In this room there will be more structure to the day than in the infant room; we will introduce full group lunch, snack and nap times. We provide some fun and developmentally appropriate activities to introduce the learning environment to your child.

In Older Toddler, (2-3 year olds) a sense of independence is becoming paramount to your child, and we love to help them explore it within in a safe and educational environment! We work on developing speech and language, continuing to grow fine and gross motor skills, and begin to promote self-care and social skills. All of this comes along with introducing the beginnings of preschool concepts and lots of opportunities to be creative and work with their hands. Sensory development activities are a very large part of this program.

Preschool (3-4 year olds)

Our Preschool program is for 3 to 4 year olds. Children begin to play and cooperate with others and learn about the flow of a classroom setting. Many of our activities will address their social behavior. Our curriculum allows the preschooler to use their five senses to explore and learn about their world. The arts and crafts are open-ended, child directed activities that encourage creativity. Our art centers focus on playdough, building, lacing, and painting. Literacy includes matching, recognizing letters, shapes, colors, textures, counting, and storytelling, finger plays, following directions, puppets, dramatic play and songs. We provide ample opportunity for large muscle development as well We begin to introduce academic concepts like calendar, weather, name recognition, shapes, letter sounds and spend lots of time encouraging self-sufficiency.

Pre-Kindergarten program

Our Pre-K program is for 4 year olds preparing for Kindergarten. Our program involves literacy, math, fine motor writing skills and sensory science exploration. Most importantly, we focus on socialization skills and guiding children through interaction and encourage a love for learning and being creative.  Although we continue to encourage open ended, child directed activities, the 4 year olds ease into a more structured environment. Pre-K children will learn letter identification and sounds, sight words, listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. We also focus on math skills such as counting, number recognition, calendar, and understanding money. There are many exciting themes throughout the year to engage the children in science, math and literacy activities. We have many special activities, visitors and field trips to supplement our Pre-K curriculum.